What to pack and not pack for your Kauai trip

Most people pack too much when they come to Kauai for vacation. With airline baggage costs rising, we thought we'd give some tips about what not to pack, and what you definitely need to bring for your Kauai vacation.

Kauai Things to Do for 2014 Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday on Kauai, with special events and several fireworks shows. The two biggest event are listed here.

After last year’s cancellation due to federal budget politics, Kauai’s military base, the Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands, returns this year with America’s Most West Freedom Fest, Thursday, July 3rd from 4 p.m. to midnight. The […]

The Kauai Marathon 2014 – Stay at the Finish Line

The Kauai Marathon is one of Kauai’s biggest events. While the main race itself starts at 6:00 am on Sunday, August 31st, the celebration begins Friday.

If you are planning to participate or even just watch, what better place to stay than right at the finish line? Imagine after your run, walking to your condo and taking a shower. Have healthy food […]

Poipu Kapili Employee Health Day

On April 25th, Poipu Kapili Resort hosted an Employee Health Day for the entire staff.

Here are some clips of the fun!

Dustin Dillberg from Pain Free Kauai lead us in some fun exercises to help us get healthier.

We had a healthy lunch from Ron’s Deli in Koloa and made green drinks.

We gave the blender away to one lucky staff winner!

Not a […]

Poipu Sunsets at The Wall

Walk across the street from Poipu Kapili and you’ll be at “The Wall.” It’s a nickname for the rock wall along the water that people  like to gather at to watch sunsets. You see, Poipu sunsets are considered some of the most beautiful on the planet. Visitors and locals alike will sit on The Wall, some with drinks or food […]

Christmas on Kauai

One of the questions we hear often from our guests who don’t visit in December is, “do you celebrate Christmas on Kauai?” The answer is, we sure do! Even though we don’t have snow, Kauai becomes a holiday wonderland with lights in downtown Lihue, on peoples’ houses, and even at the Kukui Grove Center mall.

December 7th this year was the […]

New Poipu Kapili Resort Condos Video Tour

We created a new promotional video. It’s a little more than two minutes long. Enjoy!

Know your Hawaiian menu: Kalua, imu and puaʻa

Have you ever seen Kalua Pork on a Kauai menu? Sometimes it’s listed as Kalua Pig or even Kalua Puaʻa. It’s a favorite of locals and visitors alike, and a central part of a good luau menu.

When I first saw Kalua Pork on a menu, I thought Kalua was a place, so I thought the pigs were raised in a […]

The Kilauea Lighthouse – historic beauty on a wildlife refuge

Kauai has many natural beauties, but one of the most famous views is that of the Kilauea Lighthouse. Pronounced kill-aw-ay-ah, the lighthouse is situated on the northernmost point of the Garden Island.


Instead of repeating all the historical details, which can be found on hundreds of sites, we’ll give the link below and then just put photos on this post.

Kilauea Point […]

Waimea Canyon

No trip to Kauai is complete without a visit to Waimea Canyon, on the west side of the island. Known as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea (pronounced why-may-ah) Canyon is a beautiful 45 minute drive away from Poipu Kapili Resort. The sheer size and beauty is always a surprise to new visitors, even if they’ve seen photos.

Here are some […]