We posted a simple question on Facebook: “Do you have any great tips for travelers to Poipu? Like what to pack, what to see, where to eat?” We had a great response so we posted the tips below. Below the tips are some comments about referenced locations. To see the original Facebook post and comments, click here.

Kauai Travel Facebook Fan Tips

Linda Newell: Just pack my bags and wish i was right there ,,,Sure want to be,,,,,

Bram van Steenbergen: What to pack? Is there anything else you need besides flip flops, a shirt and shorts?? Puka Dog maybe? LOL

Valerie Hoffert: Hike the Kalalau trail early in the day (just do it!); stop at Paradise Shave Ice in Hanalei afterwards, head back to Poipu, watch the sunset, and have dinner at Plantation Gardens – a perfect day, IMO!

Sheila Sanders: pack very lightly…and just enjoy all the beauty and peace Poipu has waiting for you. My favorite place in the world.

Mark Shipley: Pack light. Also, no trip to Poipu is complete without dinner at Brenneke’s, followed by ice cream and coffee at Lappert’s in Koloa.

Janice Fancher: Eat at Puka dog!! yummmm the best!!! go snuba , so fun!!!

Troy Murphey: Zodiac ride down the Napali coast! Best thing we ever did! Dolphins swimming next to the raft and in and out of the caves, AWESOME!

Ian Lidster: Coffee and muffins at Lappert’s

Sherrie Petersen Wyatt: Pack light, try Savage Shrimp, Bubbas and Lapperts…and make sure to have a shave ice Old Koloa, and go see the Spouting Horn and the National Tropical Botanical Gardens…

Sheila Sanders: Dinner at the far right corner table at Brenneke’s watching the sunset. That was “our place”. RIP Dallas Ray Sanders. Love u and Kauai more than anything this side of heaven.

Lauren Burris: Definitely have a pina colada or lava flow at the Grand Hyatt, sitting out watching the ocean and listening to their live music. So fun to walk around the grounds too!

Cyndi Romeo: I LOVE Poipu Beach. The resort there is the best anywhere! The staff are consistently nice and efficient. The beach is stunning. No kids and peace and quiet always! Great relaxation there…Can’t say enough. Just pack your swimsuit, a maxi-dress and your underwear. That’s all you need!

Kelli LeCoe: I love everything about Poipu it is the most beautiful and relaxing island of the Hawaiian Islands. The Mai Mai or ono at Tomkats is out of this world, yum yum :-)

Jil Scollard: I pack a portable spice kit and a sharp knife because I cook a lot. I like Tortilla Republic and the Kalaheo Cafe.

Amy Miller: Aloha, one place to visit is “The Spouting Horn” a beautiful fine dining on the very south shore—name escapes me right now. Many other things to see and do. I’ve spent a total of 11 wks. on Oahu, Maui and Kauai. As they say down there, “maui n`o ka `oi” Maui is the best.

Amy Miller: Poipu is on the island of Kauai which has an entire family sharing a Luau night with you. The food, show is just fantastic. If you go to any one of these islands, you will never regret it. Aloha and Maholo for letting me share this info. with you.

Mahalo to everyone who contributed! If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments, below, or at the original Facebook post here.

Links to references:

Puka Dog in Poipu

Shave Ice Paradise in Hanalei

Plantation Gardens Restaurant in Poipu

Brennecke’s Beach Broiler in Poipu

Lappert’s Hawaii Ice Cream – three locations on Kauai

Savage Shrimp in Poipu

Bubba’s Burgers – three locations on Kauai

Koloa Shave Ice in Old Koloa Town

National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Poipu

TomKat’s Grill in Old Koloa Town

Tortilla Republic in Poipu

Kalaheo Cafe in Kalaheo