The Humpback Whales are All Around Kauai

It’s whale season on Kauai and this one it turning out to be dramatic! All over Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., are photos of breaching, slapping, spouts and boat close-ups. Here are a few to enjoy from the various boat tour companies on Kauai. Click the photos to go to the original postings.

Blue Dolphin Charters

Blue Dolphin Photo Contest Winner Arlan  Hagena

We have a winner for our January “Get the Picture” whale photo contest! Congratulations to Arlan Hagena from South Dakota who won $100 for the best whale photo taken on our tour in January!

Blue Dolphin Charters

Fabulous day! We saw some amazing whale action! Here is a breathtaking photo from our cruise…


Capt Andy’s Sailing Adventures and Raft Expeditions

John Foester Capt Andys Sailing Adventures and Raft Expeditions

Had a humpback breach 5 times about 100 yards from the boat on a Capt Andy sailing tour on the south side of Kauai… Got a ton of great pics. I’d have to say it was the highlight of a great Hawaii trip!

Whale Sunset Capt Andys



Na Pali Hana Hou Charters

Na Pali Hana Hou Charters - a little whale tail for you

A little whale tail for you

Na Pali Hana Hou Charters

The Humpback Whales visit the Hawaiian Islands every winter from Nov.-Apr. Can you name the Island behind the Kohola?


Kauai Sea Tours

Jack McCall for Kauai Sea Tours

I took this picture of a whale breaching on the Sunset Dinner Cruise, February 8, 2013. I thought it would be nice to share it with you. My name is Jack McCall and I am from Ogden, UT but would rather be from here (Kauai).

Becky Floyd Sirwaitis to Kauai Sea Tours

Hey Julie…’s one of the whale shots that we took. We got a few, so it was hard to pick which one to post. I really like this one, since it’s the group of whales. :-)


Na Pali Riders

Na Pali Riders - Tail slapping time

Tail slapping time

Na Pali Riders

From Facebook


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